Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Old Boys to Raise Funds in Tribute to Grandmas

Zack Weir and Jackson Shaw, two 19 year olds who left Bolton School Sixth Form last summer, are in intense training ahead of their fundraising 1000 kilometre charity bike ride through five European countries to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Both boys have recently witnessed the devastating effects of the disease on their grandmas;  Jackson reflected: “Last year on the 23rd of April I lost my Grandma who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s. I witnessed personally the crippling effects and deterioration of someone I loved, at the merciless hands of this disease. Her passing came with great sadness, however, also with a sense of relief as her confusion and suffering had come to an end. This is my story, but also the same story that, unfortunately, millions of family’s worldwide experience. 

“Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of death in women and second for men, which is a horrifying statistic. This is only exaggerated by the fact that it’s the only disease within the top 10 killers that hasn’t got a cure or prevention. I am cycling the 1000km not just for my Grandma but for the 850,000 people suffering within the UK.”

Zack had a similar story to tell: “The 1000 km ride, of course, is to raise both money and awareness in order to defeat the illness one day. However, on a personal level, it is also to show support to my Grandad. He now spends everyday caring for my Grandma and all her needs in the most kind, devoted and thoughtful manner. He doesn’t receive support and nor does he want it. As he says ‘in sickness and in health’ – a hero in my eyes.” 

Taking the ferry from Hull, the boys will pedal with all their equipment on their bikes through Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany. The pair are aiming to raise £2,500 and you can track their progress and donate to their cause here.

The two recent leavers will undertake their 1000 mile bike ride from 13-27 June

The two recent leavers will undertake their 1000 km bike ride from 13-27 June