Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Pupil's Article Published in Young Scientists Journal

Year 13 pupil Adam Shine has had an article on climate science published in The Young Scientists Journal. He originally wrote the essay for the School’s essay prize, and was encouraged by the Headmaster to submit it to the journal.

His article on ‘Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels’ looks at the complex situation the planet is currently facing, what can and should be done to combat global warming, and the realities of carbon-neutral energy.

Sources of clean energy are the focus of the article, and Adam’s thorough research into wind, solar tidal, geothermal and nuclear power weighs the pros and cons of each type of energy production. He evaluates the cost and practicality of each carbon-neutral energy source, considering how much power it would be able to produce in the UK, and provides an interesting analysis of sourcing clean electricity today.

The Young Scientists Journal aims to encourage young scientists aged twelve to twenty to share their ideas, research and opinions. It is the only peer review journal for this age group.

Adam Shine