Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Sixth Formers for Hire?

Bolton School Sixth Form student David Edwards is one of several boys giving up their afternoons to raise money for the Sean Devereux Trust, which aids children in Africa.

Year 13 pupil David is part of Chorley House at Bolton School Boys' Division, whose Sixth Formers are being sent out to local businesses to take on any task, no matter how big or small, in return for charity donations. David has been working at Silk Group on Chorley New Road where he has been undertaking IT admin work for an hour and a half on a number of Tuesday afternoons in return for a donation.

The money raised by Chorley House will go to the Sean Devereux Trust which aims to offer the basics such as food and sanitation for African children, whilst also providing them with a better education; it hopes to provide opportuniies for children to find their way out of poverty and become self-sufficient. The trust was set up in memory of Sean Devereux, who was shot dead by a hired gunman whilst working for UNICEF in Kismayo, Somalia on 2 January 1993. Sean, who was 28 when he was murdered, had spent nearly five years helping the poorest of Africa's youths. He had worked first in the West African republic of Liberia, then briefly in Sierra Leone and for the last half year of his life, in famine-stricken and turbulent Somalia.

About a dozen Sixth Form boys are involved in the fundraising - some working for local businesses, others doing a range of sponsored activities, including running around the School's playing fields 100 times, selling old computer games on e-bay and walking to school from Ramsbottom.

The fundraising will go on to the end of term in July.  The boys are hoping to raise £1500 for the charity and are well on their way as they have already raised around £1265.

David Edwards

David Edwards with Peter Hackin, Managing Director and Pete Slater, Director of Silk Group