Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Socially Distant Celebration of A Levels

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It was not the usual Results Day at Bolton School this year, particularly since the normal celebration of A Level achievements could not take place due to Covid-19 safety restrictions. Nonetheless, students were encouraged to make the most of their moment, no matter the strange global circumstances surrounding it.

Philip Britton, Headmaster of Bolton School Boys’ Division, said: “We are lucky at Bolton School to have a large number of pupils and very stable results year on year, so that the process used to calculate the grades this year has produced outcomes very much in line with our expectations. The vast majority of the grades we submitted to the board have not been altered. If it was a normal year we would be celebrating a strong set of results.

“I think it is important we do still celebrate with the young men getting their results this year. Lockdown came just as they had been revising for several months, as well as continuing to study new material, to do their mock exams. They were doing those in the first week after half term, as the country was assimilating the emerging health issues as people returned from February trips abroad. They worked hard and that hard work has, in an unusual way, brought them a set of results to be proud of today.

“Although we cannot be together in school in quite the same way today I hope that everyone, in their own way, finds a means to mark a notable rite of passage in their education and life.”

Three quarters (75.3%) of grades awarded were in the A*-B category and more than nine out of ten grades (91.4%) were at A*-C. 17.5% of grades were at A* and almost half (49.4%) were either A* or A.

The percentage of students with facilitating grades (ABB) allowing access to the top universities was at 55%. The overall pass rate (A*-E) for the full cohort of 99 boys was 100%.

The class of 2020 received their results by email and portal, rather than in person, and were wished a fond farewell from their tutors over the phone throughout the morning. The afternoon was given over to safe and socially distant celebrations outdoors for those who wished to meet friends at School one last time as students.

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