"... the assistance provided by the school in the form of a 45 percent bursary helped ensure that I was able to continue at the school through to Sixth Form."

Bilal, Year 13

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The Quantum Universe Explained

Tuesday, 01 April 2014

Physics students from local schools have enjoyed a mind-stretching afternoon at Bolton School with the University of Manchester's Professor Jeff Forshaw, a powerhouse of Particle Physics. Professor Forshaw has published over 100 research papers and written several books, including two best-selling offerings co-authored with Professor Brian Cox. 

Sixth Formers enjoyed a tutorial discussion with Professor Forshaw and Year 10 pupils from Sharples, Harper Green, Bolton Muslim Girls' School, the Girls' Division and Boys' Division of Bolton School, an Infinite Potential Dinner, which ended with a short presentation by the professor. These events preceded the evening lecture entitled “The Quantum Universe” in which he explained to pupils from Years 10-13 how quantum physics describes a very strange and counter-intuitive world, where tiny particles act as if they are in several places at the same time. Professor Forshaw recently won the Institute of Physics’ Kelvin Medal for his work explaining science to non-experts and he gave a lucid and mesmerising explanation of how quantum physics underpins much of modern physics, he also described the random rules that control the behaviour of a quantum particle and showed how they impact upon questions about the world around us, including the recent discovery of the Higgs particle at CERN. 

The event was organised by The Ogden Trust and the Institute of Physics for the Bolton Partnership of Schools.

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Professor Forshaw presented signed copies of the book he co-wrote with Professor Brian Cox

Professor Forshaw presented signed copies of the book he co-wrote with Professor Brian Cox

Sixth Form students enjoyed a discussion with the Professor in the Riley Sixth Form Centre