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Video About Marie Curie Wins GEOSET Award

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sam Critchlow has been awarded a GEOSET Award for his video about the lives of Marie and Pierre Curie!

The video is just four minutes long, but gives an informative summary of Marie Curie’s life. It gives details of her childhood and higher education in Paris, where she met her husband Pierre, and discusses the Curies’ extensive work on the subject of radioactivity. Sam created the video as part of a chemistry project at school, and uploaded it to GEOSET so that it can be accessed by fellow students and those interested in the subject.

GEOSET stands for ‘Global Educational Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology’: an initiative founded by Bolton School Old Boy Sir Harry Kroto. The idea behind the GEOSET programme is to establish an online store of freely accessible educational material, created by teachers and researchers who are passionate about the subject they are explaining. The project is very inclusive and the GEOSET website not only embraces content by university professors and researchers, but also videos by students from PhD level to high school level.

Every year, the GEOSET administration searches the database of video entries to find the best presentations submitted for that year. The winners are chosen by the GEOSET staff, including Sir Harry Kroto himself.

Sam’s award is the third prize in the ‘Streaming Media – Educational’ category.


To watch Sam’s video, click here.

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Sam Critchlow with a model

Sam Critchlow with a model 'buckyball' - the molecular structure discovered by GEOSET founder Sir Harry Kroto


Sam's GEOSET Award