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'What's Occurring' at Quadrangle Radio

In December, the Boys’ Division launched Quadrangle Radio, a podcasting radio station “from the centre of the school”. So far, the project has been hugely successful, with a great amount of interest and boys from all year groups getting involved. After the initial planning stages in October and November last year, shows were chosen and pupils allocated their slots. After the initial pilot, recordings finally began in early December.

What’s Occurring’ was the first of Quadrangle Radio’s regular shows to be put into production. The programme features students from Years 7 to 13 discussing the most pertinent news stories of the moment. Two episodes have already been released, and a number of diverse topics have been up for discussion – from Scottish independence to inviting an elephant to tea!

Another regular feature of Quadrangle Radio’s schedule is ‘Who Let The Doctors Out?’ which is billed as “a farcical debate show between three members of staff with PhDs and two student hosts”. The topics are wide-ranging and staff can find themselves one minute discussing organ sales or alcohol consumption, and the next Doctor Who or Jaffa Cakes!

An Audience With …’ kicked off on the 13th January when Clive Drinkwater visited the school. An interview with one of the UK’s leading business figures was an opportunity not to be missed. Nikesh Patel hosted an interesting and informative session, during which Mr Drinkwater spoke about his life, career and different aspects of his job.

Quadrangle Radio also has plans to launch another show. The initial recording of ‘Level Headed’ went ahead on the 21st January. This will be a sports feature focusing upon Bolton School's recent sporting performances. The first show will review the pre-Christmas triumphs and disasters, and includes interviews with sports team members.

This new podcast will be available soon at Quadrangle Radio’s Soundcloud homepage, along with the station's previously released programmes.

You can follow Quadrangle Radio on twitter @QuadrangleRadio for the latest updates.


Quadrangle Radio is

Quadrangle Radio is "starting small but aiming big"

The boys hard at work recording 'What's Occurring'

The boys hard at work recording 'What's Occurring'

Clive Drinkwater is the Director for UK Trade and Investment in the North West

Clive Drinkwater is the Director for UK Trade and Investment in the North West