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World-Class Water Skier Wins Silver in Chile

Thursday, 12 January 2017

  • Arron Davies Water Skiing Chile
  • Arron Davies Water Skiing Medals

Year 13 pupil Arron Davies has won an individual Silver medal at the World Junior Water Skiing Championships in Chile. The British team also won the team Bronze medal at the competition.

Arron travelled to the US for a month of training south of Orlando alongside several members of the GB team before heading to San Bernando, Chile for the Championships, which took place from the 5th to 8th of January. Speaking about his experiences, he said, “I didn’t go expecting to come away with an individual medal. I did think we had a chance of getting a team medal, but no part of me imagined I’d get an individual medal!”

He also talked about his personal performances while at the Championships, including achieving a pass: the term used when a skier runs the length of a slalom course successfully.

“I’ve been trying to run a pass all year and I’ve done it once before. This was my second time doing it, so I was really pleased with that. My score was two passes off the world record, and those two are the hardest to get, obviously. Going around the final buoy on that final pass was just an amazing feeling.”

Arron narrowly lost out on the gold-medal position to his British teammate: the pair were so closely matched that they got the same score! They then had to do a tie-breaker run, during which Arron went part of the way around the buoy and his teammate went all of the way around it, meaning that Arron took second place.

However, he commented, “It was not exactly a hard pill to swallow because he’s my teammate, and I’m still very, very happy – I can’t put it into words!”

Arron’s water skiing will now take a backseat as he completes his A Levels, with the aim of studying Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering at Lafayette in Louisiana next year. However, he is hopeful that more world championships and medals will soon follow in the future.

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