Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Year 12 Prepare for the Future with World of Work Day

Year 12 students in the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions were given a morning of great careers advice from a wide variety of professions in the annual World of Work event. Ten alumni gave up their time in order to talk to Sixth Form pupils, alongside other speakers from a wide variety of career paths. With twenty talks taking place over the course of the morning, there was plenty for pupils to choose from and something to suit most interests and aspirations.

The keynote speaker for the day was Charlie Ball from Graduate Prospects. He gave the Sixth Form pupils an overview of what to expect after university: challenging popular myths, offering figures to show how many graduates go on to work and what range of jobs they enter, and reassuring pupils that the future is positive for young people after their degree courses. This was a great starting point for the day as a whole.

After the keynote speech, pupils were able to attend three of the talks on offer, which ranged from the working in the fashion industry to the police force, private banking and law to journalism and music.

Old Boy Irfan Ravat and Bolton School parent Mark Ray came into School to talk about dentistry. They talked about the qualifications needed and the importance of staying on top of latest developments in this particular career path. Irfan also talked about some of the thing she wasn’t necessarily expecting when he went into dentistry, such as the need for business management skills in order to run a successful practice.

Anthony Shum and David Fitzmaurice, who both now work for KPMG, returned to the School to give a talk about a career in accountancy, while Ben Lomas from Brown Shipley gave a talk about private banking. These talks gave a great insight into the world of finance from two different angles, and the three Old Boys were also able to show a variety of ways into these professions.

Old Girl Nicola Wilcock and her sister Jennifer talked to pupils about their respective careers. Since leaving Bolton School, Nicola has gone on to obtain a place on Unilever’s graduate training scheme, and gave her advice on moving into the business world after studying a non-vocational degree. Jennifer is now a Sales Manager for Samsung UK, and she spoke about her experiences with retail sales and marketing. She also talked to pupils about not knowing what she wanted to do when she left Bolton School herself, and explained that she tried out several different paths before moving into phone sales and starting to work her way up through the business.

Alice Couriel and Paul Johnson talked about a career in Law from two very different perspectives. Alice left Bolton School in 2007 to read Theology at Bristol University, and went on to obtain her Graduate Diploma in Law and complete a Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, Manchester; she is now a trainee solicitor at JMW Solicitors LLP. Paul on the other hand is a partner in the Corporate department at Ward Hadawy, one of the UK’s top 100 law firms which is based in the North of England. The two different angles on law were very useful for pupils thinking about working in this field in the future, as they were able to see what their life could look like at two different potential stages of the career.

Old Girl Dr Joyce Tyldesley gave an informative and interesting talk about how she used her qualifications in archaeology to build a freelance career while also continuing with her ‘day job’ as an accountant. She now teaches the online-based Diploma in Egyptology course at Manchester University and spoke to pupils about how she finds teaching to be the best way of learning, as a teacher must really understand their subject very well to be able to explain it to someone else.

Current Boys’ Division teacher and Old Boy Mr Wyatt also gave a talk about routes into teaching. He shared with the Sixth Formers the reality of teaching as well as giving them an idea of how to go into this profession.

Thanks to these successful alumni and other leading professionals, the Year 12s have been given a great insight into the World of Work and what their career path might entail in years to come. The talks were a really valuable experience for all of the pupils who attended.

Charlie Ball gave a keynote address about graduate prospects

Charlie Ball gave a keynote address about graduate prospects

Alumni Anthony and David present a talk about KPMG and accountancy

Alumni Anthony and David present a talk about KPMG and accountancy

A group of Old Boys and Old Girls who gave presentations on the day

A group of Old Boys and Old Girls who gave presentations on the day: Anthony Shum, Dr Joyce Tyldesley, Nicola and Jennifer Wilcock, and David Fitzmaurice