Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

University Application

A detailed programme regarding entry to Higher Education is launched in the Spring Term of Year 12: it involves the Head of Sixth Form, the Director of Higher Education Applications, the Head of Careers and departmental staff. The programme continues as a coordinated procedure for the remaining four terms, and includes post-GCE Advanced Level results advice and assistance. Each individual is given considerable time by members of the senior staff group, as well as by form tutors and departmental staff, to ensure that future plans are correctly orientated and executed.

The depth of knowledge and expertise within the school in all matters related to Higher Education is considerable, and is available to all students on an equal basis. It must be recognised that, for universities and colleges, GCSE grades and AS results are usually the only hard evidence they have at the time of a candidate's application to them. Performance in your GCSE examinations may have ramifications for your entry to university!

It is vital that students familiarise themselves with the courses on offer in universities and colleges quickly, and discover the grades required for entry. At a very early stage, it needs to be confirmed that the subjects chosen are acceptable for the courses considered in the future. It is each student's responsibility to ensure the viability of his options in this respect.

The following are useful sources of information on course requirements and related appropriate Sixth Form/Upper School subjects:

Laser Compendium of Higher Education
Which Degree?
Degree Course Guides
The Times Good University Guide
Choosing your Degree Course and University (Brian Heap)

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Sixth Form Boys Attending University Presentation

Students attending a presentation about applying to university

Sixth form leavers planning their next steps

These students are all off to Oxbridge

The last day of School

The last day of School! Jack Roberts (Head Boy) and Tom Lloyd celebrate after Prizegiving. Both went on to study Medicine; Jack at Cambridge and Tom at Bristol.