Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Business Studies

What will I study?

The topics are organised to develop awareness of all the activities that a business undertakes: marketing, finance, production and human resource management.  After the theoretical perspective is gained you will be asked to apply concepts to specific, often real-life, businesses.

You will develop an ability to analyse organisation structures, the markets they serve, and the methods and processes they use, to add value to products and services.  You will be able to assess the validity of alternative approaches and you will examine these from perspectives such as overseas locations, a range of stakeholders, and the impact of competition.  Conceptual knowledge is augmented by a range of practical skills such as numerical problem-solving, data analysis and financial decision-making techniques.

You will be taught to evaluate business activities to provide well-reasoned arguments based on quantitative and qualitative factors.

How will I be assessed?

AS:                                                                                     A2:


Unit 1: Planning & Financing a Business                Unit 3: Strategies for Success

One compulsory data response &                               Decision-making case study

multiple-choice questions                                              5 questions over four topics

20% of A2: 60 marks                                                    25% of A2: 80 marks                             

1¼ hour examination, sat in January                         1¾ hour examination, sat in January


Unit 2: Managing a Business                                      Unit 4: The Business Environment & Managing Change

Two compulsory multi-part data                                 Pre-release research tasks for the 1st section and a choice of

response questions over four topics                            essays for the second section

30% of A2: 80 marks                                                    25% of A2: 80 marks

1½ hour examination, sat in June                               1¾ hour examination, sat in June        


Desirable requirements:

There are no specific entry requirements.  However, good levels of numeracy and literacy are essential.  Some questions will require calculation using formulae and all answers must be cogent so that fluent writing is crucial.

Where will it lead?

Very few options are ruled out by studying Business Studies at A Level: Cambridge University will not accept it but, conversely, Oxford University has recently opened its newest college dedicated solely to Business and Management.   The popularity of the subject over recent years has meant that over three-quarters of leavers study this subject, or an associated one, at degree level.  Beyond this, employers tend to look favourably on qualifications in this subject due to the skills of decision-making and evaluation that it has at its core.