Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Further Mathematics

This is only for those pupils who have a passion and an interest in Mathematics, just like the Maths teachers at Bolton School.  A Further Mathematics student will spend half his time on Mathematics so requires both a ‘love’ and high ability in this subject.

It is one of the most highly respected subjects offered at A-level. It is recognised by the Russell Group Universities for its challenging content and is therefore an excellent qualification to obtain.

Results at Bolton are consistently strong. For A Level Mathematics over the last 8 years our average for A* to B is 81%. In 2015 60% obtained either an A or an A*.

For Further Mathematics 90% of the students in 2018 obtained an A or A* and over the last five years the average for an A or A* is 91%. This reflects the quality of teaching of this subject by a dedicated and highly qualified department.

What will I study?

We currently follow the Edexcel syllabus. A Further Mathematician will possibly study all aspects of the A Level course including Pure, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision. 

How will I be assessed?

Students take four papers at the end of Year 13, all the papers are of 1½ hrs duration and each is worth 1/4 of the A Level.

Note: They will also take the three papers for their single mathematics at the same time.

Desirable Requirements

Further Mathematics is an ‘A’ Level in its own right, but must be taken in conjunction with the single Mathematics course.  Students choosing this double subject will complete at least the six modules of the single Mathematics and six for the Further Mathematics over the two-year course. 

Further Mathematics is extremely demanding and is only suitable for able and dedicated Mathematicians.  It is vital that students consult with their Mathematics teacher before considering this course as a choice, a 9 is required from GCSE.

Where will it lead?

Mathematics is a very valuable support subject to many courses at advanced level and degree level, especially in the sciences.  Any student who is likely to want to study a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Economics or Engineering would be well advised to consider studying Further Maths. It is highly prized by Universities and employers in whatever area you study.

Mathematics graduates are in demand and find employment in a variety of careers.  These include Research, Actuarial Studies, Accountancy, Marketing, Operational Research, Computing and Teaching.