Bolton School Sixth Form Boys


Maths is fantastic”, “I loved Maths at school”. How often do we hear ourselves or our contemporaries say this? Too infrequently; and yet Mathematics is part of our everyday lives and the bedrock of so many careers.

Within the Maths Department at Bolton School we aspire to play our part in creating a new generation whose instinctive response is “Maths is great”! We are a dedicated team of Maths specialists, passionate about our subject and equally passionate about instilling a lifelong love for mathematics in all our students.  We are very proud to regularly attract over 65% of the year 11 pupils who continue to take Mathematics through to Year 12.

To this aim, our approach is five fold:- 



We look to establish a strong relationship with each pupil, understanding their foibles; knowing how to make them achieve.  For pupils we already know this means that we hit the ground running as they start the A level syllabus; for new starters we make establishing this relationship a priority.




Our teaching is based on a combination of strong, time tested methodology and up-to-date techniques.  We are meticulous in our approach to all elements of the curriculum, working together to be certain we utilise the most appropriate routes for each student.




Each student’s progress is closely monitored by each teacher, backed with a bespoke piece of software.  This means we spot any issues before they are left to develop into a problem.




All pupils are given everyday access to teaching staff at any break, free period and before and after school.  As in the class, these visits are monitored to ensure we know who is taking advantage of this one to one service.




We expect our pupils to meet and exceed our expectations of them – through hard work and determination.


This approach is proven to work.  Results are consistently strong. For A Level Mathematics over the last 8 years our average for A* to B is 82%. In 2018 63% obtained either an A or an A*. 

What will I study? 

We currently intend to follow the Edexcel syllabus. Students will over the two years cover material from Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.

How will I be assessed? 

Students take three papers at the end of Year 13. All papers are of 2 hrs duration and each is worth 1/3 of the A Level. 

Desirable Requirements 

This subject requires determination and commitment; good results cannot be achieved without hard work, coupled with a reasonable amount of natural ability.  Co-operation between individual students and the experienced teaching staff is encouraged, and is essential for success at a high level.  Motivation is important, and will be best exemplified by a 7 or above at GCSE.

Where will it lead?

Mathematics is a very valuable support subject to many courses at advanced level and degree level, especially in the sciences.  It is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full time courses in Higher Education.  These include but are not limited to, Engineering, Pure Science, Economics, Medicine, Architecture and Computing. 

Mathematics graduates are in demand and find employment in a variety of careers.  These include Research, Actuarial Studies, Accountancy, Marketing, Operational Research, Computing and Teaching.