Why study Physical Education at Bolton School? 

A-Level Physical Education at Bolton School allows pupils to benefit from excellent resources and sporting facilities, delivered by experienced staff with a proven track record and considerable expertise in their own specialism. 

What will I study?

This is a fast growing, popular and now commonly accredited A-Level GCE Course.  This multi-dimensional course enables students to acquire a range and depth of knowledge across a variety of inter-related disciplines.  This multidisciplinary approach allows students to examine physiological, psychological, socio-cultural and historical factors that underpin sporting performance, and reasons for participation in physical activity.  In addition, candidates will gain experience of performing a variety of activities chosen from different activity profiles.  Candidates will also gain experience in coaching and officiating the activities so as to develop their understanding and appreciation of the coaching points, skills, rules and the application of tactics associated with their chosen activities. 

Component 01:- Physiological factors affecting performance

Component 02:- Psychological factors affecting performance

Component 03:- Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport.

Component 04:- Performance in physical education

Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI)

How will I be assessed?

Component 01:- 2 hour written paper - 90 marks (30%)

Component 02:- 1 hour written paper – 60 marks (20%)

Component 03:- 1 hour written paper – 60 marks (20%)

Component 04:- Performance assessment –30 marks (15%)

(EAPI) – 30 marks (15%)

Desirable requirements       

There are no specific requirements for GCE Physical Education, however a Grade A or B in Biology would be a distinct advantage.  An obvious background and interest in sport is essential but furthermore a high level of sporting representation would give a distinct advantage.  Although this subject has practical elements a considerable proportion of its content is theoretically based (70 %) covering a variety of inter-related disciplines. 

Where will it lead? 

GCE in Physical Education can lead into a variety of options, including Sports Science, Sports Studies, Leisure and Recreational Management, Physiotherapy, Coaching, Teaching Physical Education, Lecturing and Sport Administration.