Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

The Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) aims to take students beyond their chosen advanced level subjects. It is a single piece of work that requires a high degree of planning, research and autonomous work. Students can choose their own topic, although they must show that it is academically useful and related to their current course of study or their future career. It is usually submitted as a dissertation but can take a number of other forms, such as a musical or dramatic composition, a report or an artefact, backed up with paperwork. The project has inspired boys to submit work on a range of diverse and interesting fields. Some of the project titles include:

Discuss the problems between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and how viable M theory is as a solution to this problem.

To what extent is supersymmetry still a valid theory of everything?

Osteoarthritic progression: use of immunohistochemical markers.

Oscar Wilde: a social critic illustrating the hypocricy of a society in limbo?

To what extend did censorship and control define the rock music scene in East Germany between 1964 and 1989?

To what extent is Modernism the new Classicism?

Thalidomide: What happened? What is happening? What lies ahead?

Are ants intelligent?


A full list of project titles can be viewed here.


Since 2009, boys at Bolton School have been perfoming outstandingly well in this qualification.

EPQ Results 2009-13
Grade No. of students % of students
A* 22 55
A 6 15
B 8 20
C 2 5
D 2 5
Research for the EPQ

Boys have achieved highly in their Extended Project Qualifications