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Blogging has become an integral part of life at Bolton School. Whilst some teachers and departments have been posting blogs for some time, recently the whole concept has mushroomed and a large community of bloggers - old and new - is now coordinated under one site,

Each part of the School has their own blog pages - the Infants, Junior Girls' and Junior Boys' Schools as well as Senior Girls' and Senior Boys' Schools - and within these sites are blogs from Heads, teachers and pupils. also incorporates Bolton School tv, which shows short video films, as well as includes a weekly blog recapping all the major news stories from across the campus. 

Miss Sue Hincks, Headmistress of the Girls' Division at Bolton School, said: "Philip Britton, Headmaster of the Boys' Division, and I are very excited by this development. The blogs are an innovative and modern learning method where girls and boys can share their thoughts and work with each other and their teachers. Some of the blogs help keep people in touch with our activities - the Tenacity blog is one of our oldest and has kept parents in touch during their children's voyages around the UK. In a joint blog that Mr Britton and myself undertake, we share our thoughts about what we have been doing recently at school and in the wider community, as well as commenting on national and local educational issues." 

The new site has been built in collaboration with, a company that has created over 80 blogs for schools from across the country. The sheer size of Bolton School has made this their biggest project to date.

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The Bolton School blogs sit on a WordPress site