Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

The UN: Working to save the biosphere and our future

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 7.00pm 
Bolton School Girls’ Division Great Hall 

Bolton School will host a talk about the United Nations (UN) and climate change from Richard A Shirres MSc (App.EnvSc), MICE, C Eng. Members of the public are invited to join School pupils and staff for this free event.

From 100 years of internationalism, the talk leads on the early decades of the founding of the UN and its subsequent developing, yet little recognised, role in championing global ecological stewardship. The synergy between the UN’s work and the 1960s rising environmental awareness is described along with the UN’s inherent consensual and scientific ethic. How the UN’s ambition to further global action on climate change has been and still is undermined is also explained.

Humankind must now ponder an existential threat, a climate crisis, which only compounds global impacts to our degraded biosphere and threatening delivery of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Lastly, the talk overviews recent UN work, the real climate change threats but also what are possible solutions. Whether we actually have a ‘climate emergency’ will be examined.

Richard is a retired chartered engineer with a second degree in applied environmental science and a member of the United Nations Association. Richard’s experience in the last few decades relates to urban and landscape-scale climate adaptation.

This free event is open to everyone and will take place in the Girls’ Division Great Hall on Wednesday 18 September 2019, beginning at 7.00pm. Refreshments will be available beforehand from 6.30pm. Parking will be available in the Girls’ Division Quad, which will be clearly signposted on the night.


Event Contact: Mr B Ickringill, Academic Enrichment Coordinator for the Sciences (


This event part of an ongoing series of Arts and Sciences Enrichment Lectures hosted by the Girls’ Division. The full programme of events for 2019/20 will be revealed in September. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about forthcoming events in 2019/20 and beyond.

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