Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Former Head Girl Katie Lloyd Reflects

Katie Lloyd: Head Girl 2011 - 2012

Fourteen years ago at the age of four I joined Bolton School, so this remarkable establishment has played a huge part in my life. I think it’s because of this that it really hasn’t sunk in yet that I won’t be going back to the place where I’ve always felt at home. 

Throughout my Bolton School career, I’ve tried to seize every opportunity that’s been offered to me (a difficult task considering we’re offered so many!) from School Council to Jazz Band to a World Challenge expedition to India and honestly, I’ve loved every minute despite the fact that at times I’ve been extremely busy. 

The GCSE years were definitely hectic, but after results day, you really go into the sixth form on a high, ready to tackle anything A Levels throw at you! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at school, but I can say with conviction, that my sixth form years were undoubtedly the best. I found that I became friends with a much larger group of people and in the sixth form the whole year group became noticeably closer, coupled with the mutually respectful relationships with the teachers. This definitely led to a strong feeling of a ‘school community’. 

Being voted Head Girl was my greatest achievement, and I feel immensely proud to have been at the head of a brilliant team of prefects who I know have led the school fantastically over the year. This last year was the best way imaginable to bring my Bolton School career to a close, and I have genuinely enjoyed every minute of meeting and working with different members of staff, pupils and visitors to the school. My team of prefects have always been happy to help and I believe they too were proud to be role models to younger members of the school and that they have carried out their roles to the best of their ability (no matter how last minute a plan was established!). After events at which the prefects have supported, I have often received notes of thanks congratulating them on what a fantastic job they had carried out and I would relay these messages to the prefects with pride. 

I feel I have left Bolton School having achieved everything that I could have hoped for and for this I must thank the teachers who have always been supportive and understanding. The feeling that you can ask the advice of any teacher really is a credit to the school and it is this ‘Bolton School Community’ that makes it difficult for me to leave and move on. But as I continue my studies at university I am reassuringly reminded of the phrase ‘once a Bolton School girl, always a Bolton School girl’.

Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd on A Level results day