Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Why Choose Bolton School's Sixth Form?

An Academic Education

We have years of academic tradition and excellence, which provide a perfect foundation for Advanced Level examination success. You will be able to follow examination courses of your choice, in small teaching groups with teaching staff who have the skills and expertise to help you fulfil your academic potential. You will work alongside girls who share your aspirations for success. A large number of subjects are available to you, all of which have been chosen to help you achieve your next step along the journey towards Higher Education and/or your working life.

We provide a very wide range of opportunities to extend and enrich your learning through study visits, art exhibitions, theatre trips, travel in Britain and the wider world, competitions, Open Days at Universities and academic extra-curricular societies. The Curriculum Enrichment Programme (CEP) provides an interesting range of short courses to complement your AS and A-Level subjects.

Opportunities to Develop Your Talents and Personal Qualities 

In order to enrich your social and personal development, we offer a wide array of extra-curricular opportunities from which you will benefit, whether your interests encompass sport, music, drama, outdoor pursuits or any of the other activities which you will find at Bolton School. And, if it’s not there already, the chances are that you will find enough like-minded people to start something up.....  

The benefit of being in a school rather than a college means that you can also develop your personal qualities by taking a lead role in School life. As a member of the Sixth Form, you are pivotal in setting the tone for the rest of the school. You will be an essential role model for the younger pupils beneath you and they will remember your influence for the rest of their lives.

As the beneficiary of all the opportunities which a first-rate education provides, you will also be encouraged to play an active role in the wider community. As the school prayer says, ‘much will be expected of those to whom much is given’. 

Support for You in a Time of Transition 

In everything that you do, you will have the backing of a strong pastoral team who will monitor your progress and offer you the support and encouragement to make the most of your Sixth Form life. Mrs Winder, Head of Sixth Form oversees the general running of Sixth Form life. She is supported by the Year Heads, Mr Radcliffe and Mr Hitchin, and a team of Year 12 and Year 13 tutors. Our Sixth Form PSHEE programme also focuses on your health and well-being.

The Sixth Form offers you the chance to make the vital transition between school life and Further Education and/or your working life. The Careers Advisory programme will provide you with all the support you need to research Higher Education and career options, as well as to build up your CV through work experience and the development of your soft skills. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

In preparation for University and working life, the Riley Sixth Form Centre offers you the chance to study alongside members of the Boys’ Division, as well as share the same recreational space. You also have the opportunity to interact with members of the Boys’ Division in a number of joint societies and extra-curricular activities.

At the same time, the majority of your lessons will be taught in single-sex groups, which means that your teachers will be able to focus on your needs as a female student. You will also have the fun and camaraderie of belonging to a large group of independently minded young women, who have the confidence and community spirit to enjoy life in a girls’ school to the full.

The Comfort of Friends, New and Old  

The Girls’ Division Sixth Form welcomes up to thirty new entrants to the School every year. This means that girls moving up from Year 11 will find that there are plenty of opportunities to make new friendships and, if they want, a fresh start. Meanwhile, girls coming from other schools will not feel that they are in a tiny minority when they join. The Lower Sixth year group will be small enough for you to get to know each other well (100 to 110 girls), but not so small that you will feel claustrophobic. In addition, you will have the Upper Sixth to get to know, as well as members of the Boys’ Division (100 to 110 boys in each year group). 

When you leave, you will become a member of our thriving Old Girls’ Association. We will keep in touch with you through letters and Facebook and we hope that you will reciprocate! You will receive invitations to events organised in school during the year as well as to Regional Dinners, held jointly with the Boys’ Division, which give Old Girls who have moved away the chance to meet on a regular basis and even the chance to network with others in the same profession as them.

All in all, our aim is to equip you for the future, by helping you to achieve the best examination qualifications possible and to develop fully your personal qualities, skills and talents. 

Sixth Form Girls

The Riley Sixth Form Centre offers the best of both worlds: an opportunity for girls and boys to mix socially whilst teaching remains single-sex

Whilst teaching is in single-sex classes, there are opportunities for girls and boys to work together in areas such as drama and music

Sixth Form Girl Studying

Girls enjoy lots of extra-curricular societies and activities