Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Drama and Theatre Studies


To study theatrical forms and understand the roles of director, designer, performer and audience.
To create original drama using the devising process and to interpret scripted drama through performance.

What will I study?

All girls will have the opportunity to take AS and A2 in this subject.

At AS you will study theatre forms and functions from the points of view of director, performer and designer.  You will stage your own productions consisting of a scripted extract, as well as a reinterpretation of a second extract from a text from a different social or cultural context. Furthermore, you will prepare for a written examination in which you will respond to a series of questions on one performance text.

You will consolidate your knowledge and understanding at A2, by creating a more substantial piece of theatre based on a reinterpretation of an extract from a text. The piece must be developed using the techniques and working methods of either an influential practitioner or a recognised theatre company. You will also participate in the creation, development and performance of two pieces of theatre, based on a given stimulus.

How will I be assessed?

Component 1 - Performance Workshop
Component 2 - Text in Context: open book written examination

Component 1 - Theatre Workshop
Component 2 - Text in Action
Component 3 – Text in Performance: open book written examination       

Desirable requirements

Self-confidence in your ability to express yourself, both on stage and in group discussion, is an important quality in this course.  Commitment and teamwork are essential.

How will I study?

You will work both individually and within a group. You are normally taught in a group which includes members of the Boys’ Division. As the course progresses, you will find you are asked to take much more responsibility for your learning and achievement. We offer you plenty of opportunities to attend theatre productions and workshops.  You can develop your own areas of interest within the course, for example, by choosing a design or lighting option.You may wish to get involved in school theatre productions or the Middle School Drama Clubs.

Where will it lead?

Employers and universities are very interested in the teamwork focus of the course.  In addition, the course has obvious benefits in developing speech, confidence and performance skills.  There are many academic, practical and vocational theatre courses in this country run by a wide range of institutions.


“Initially, I was very nervous about studying Drama and Theatre Studies for AS Level. However, this soon subsided and I love taking this subject. I also study English Literature and History, and Drama has complemented these two subjects brilliantly. Learning about the historical and cultural background is intrinsic when it comes to writing about plays and performing. In addition, Theatre Studies has helped me gain an excellent eye for detail when analysing plays and this has helped me immensely in my English studies. Taking a shared Drama class with the Boys’ Division students gives a different learning experience and one which offers a varied insight to the study of plays, as the boys offer contrasting opinions which enhance the subject. Acting with others on stage has improved my confidence hugely and I have learned so much about the dynamics of a working theatre over the past year. I have been able to develop my critical and practical skills with the support of the Drama department, which prompted me to continue with Theatre Studies for A Level. I have made some solid friendships and am certain I would not be the person I am today without it!"