Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

English Language


To provide you with a framework for the study of authentic texts, both spoken and written.
To help you develop the ability to write for a variety of specific purposes and audiences.
To develop analytical skills that will help you consider how issues relating to gender and power influence language use.

What will I study?

It is expected that girls taking this subject will do a two year course, without the option of AS at the end of the Lower Sixth.

How language is used in society.
How to produce original writing for a real-world purpose on a topical language issue.
How children acquire language.
How language changes over time.

How will I be assessed?

At A Level there are two examined units: Exploring Language and Dimensions of Linguistic Variation, both of which are 2 hours and 30 minutes long. There is also a piece of Independent Language Research coursework.

Desirable requirements

You should have a keen interest in how writers and speakers use language for different purposes and in different contexts. You should be interested in how society and culture influence the ways in which we use language. You should be able to work independently, collecting and investigating a range of texts. You should enjoy writing and be able to write fluently. You should read widely.

How will I study?

You will work in pairs, groups and independently, carrying out research into a variety of areas of language study. You will take part in whole class discussion. Your work may take you into other areas of the school or into the wider community. You will write essays analysing texts and present your research findings to the rest of your class. You will profit most from the course if you have the diligence necessary to acquire the grammar and terminology that comes with studying English Language at this level. 

Where will it lead?

Just about anywhere you want it to because it combines so well with other Advanced Level subjects: the Languages, Sciences, Arts and Humanities.  It is widely accepted as entry for degree courses and is directly useful in most professions.


“I am currently studying English Language, English Literature, Psychology and Politics. At GCSE, English proved to be my favourite subject and English Language has continued to be so at AS Level. I thoroughly enjoy my English lessons as we are able to analyse texts closely as a group and also voice our opinions on the topics that we learn about. One of the topics that particularly interested me was learning about how different genders are presented in language. English Language lessons have come to be the ones that I most look forward to during the week.”