To help you discover more about the Latin language, your own language and also about the nature of language in general.  To enable you to read and appreciate the works of Latin literature in their original form, and learn to analyse and respond to them with increasing sophistication.

What will I study?

All girls will have the opportunity to take AS and A2 in this subject.

The course consists of a combination of linguistic and literary modules.  You will consolidate and build upon your existing knowledge of vocabulary and grammar; and you will study a range of texts, including both verse (epic and love poetry) and prose (oratory and history).

How will I be assessed?

At AS Level you will sit two examinations: one in Latin language and one in Latin Literature. The work will feel very similar to the area of study at GCSE. The content will prepare you very well for A Level.

At A Level you will sit two language papers and two set text papers: one verse and one prose. 50% of the content will already have been studied at AS, so that you should feel extremely well prepared for your A Level examinations.

Desirable requirements

You should have at least a grade B in Latin at GCSE, and an interest in Latin literature and thought.  Ask yourself if you have enjoyed the GCSE course – including your study of the language.  To study the language at Advanced Level requires hard work, but the greater depth of the course should be even more stimulating.  The subject combines well with most other subjects; there are particular links with English, History, Modern Languages, Greek and Classical Civilisation.  

How will I study?

The teaching of AS and A Level Latin is usually delivered by two members of staff.

Where will it lead?

Contrary to popular belief, Latin students do not all become teachers of Latin.  Actually, very few do.  Most go into a wide variety of careers, including Law, Banking, Industry and Commerce, Publishing, the Civil Service, Journalism and even Computing.  Some found companies or even become pop stars!


“Throughout the year I have studied Latin, History, English Literature and Politics. I have taken particular interest in Latin as, not only has it given me an opportunity to further my skills from GCSE, but it compliments my other subjects giving me valuable analytical skills. The Latin course consists of an unseen text and then two set texts, Virgil and Cicero. Studying Cicero has particularly caught my interest as I intend to study Law at university and Cicero is based on a criminal law case. I find Latin enjoyable as it provides a chance to focus on translation skills opposed to my other essay-based subjects.”