Bolton School Sixth Form Girls



To develop an interest in, and an engagement with, contemporary politics.
To develop knowledge and an informed understanding of contemporary political structures and issues in their historical context, both in the UK and globally.
To become more aware of our rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society.

What will I study?

In Year 12 you will study various aspect of UK Government and Politics, including elections, political parties, the constitution and the role of the Prime Minister. You will also begin studying the Government and Politics of the United States of America, including elections, political parties, the judiciary and the US Constitution.

In Year 13 you will continue studying US Government & Politics, including pressure groups, civil rights, congress, the President and the judiciary. You will also study political ideas, including conservatism, liberalism and socialism. Finally, you will use what you have learned in order to consider the comparative Government and Politics of the UK and USA.

How will I be assessed?

It is expected that girls taking this subject will do a two year course, without the option of AS at the end of the Lower Sixth. You will be examined by three papers at the end of Year 13. All papers are two hours in length and each account for 33.3% of the total marks.

Paper 1 - Government and Politics of the UK
Paper 2 - Government and Politics of the USA
Paper 3 - Political ideas 

Desirable requirements

No previous qualification in Politics is required.  All we ask for is an interest in the way the UK and USA are governed, an open-minded approach, a willingness to follow political events in the newspapers and on TV, and a readiness to express your own opinions whilst at the same time respecting the views of others. You will need the ability to express your arguments fluently in written work.

How will I study?

Teaching and learning take place through a variety of methods: reading, discussion, presentation and essays.  There are regular assessments throughout the two years. We visit the UK or Scottish Parliament at some time during the course and we also run a trip to the USA once every two years, visiting Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

Where will it lead?

Successful students of Politics, either at A Level or graduate level, are in great demand in the media, the law, the Civil Service, teaching and also, of course, in the House of Commons itself.  If you see yourself as a future MP or even Prime Minister, this could be where you start!


“I am currently studying History, Religious Studies, Geography and Politics, with Politics being the newest subject of the four and also the subject that stands out most to me. It is very topical, making this subject extremely interesting, because the politics of the UK and US is constantly changing. It has also helped with my other subjects, in particular History where Politics has enabled me to understand American History more thoroughly. My favourite part of the course is learning about the Judiciary as I intend on studying Law at University. Taking Politics has definitely broadened my knowledge of current affairs, which is always something employers are interested in.  Overall, it is a subject I would most definitely recommend to anyone who has an interest in the subject area.”