Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

The Curriculum

The Sixth Form offers great opportunities for students to construct their own curriculum. Most students study four subjects at AS level, and continue three in the Upper Sixth to A-Level. A few (especially double mathematicians) choose to study five AS subjects in the Lower Sixth, and continue four subjects to A-Level.

Many students are clear that they are ready to specialise. An aspiring Medic may select Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths; an engineer might opt for Double Maths, Physics and Technology as an excellent springboard for university study. Others will keep their options open, and might study French, Psychology, Biology and Economics; or English, Maths, Music and History.

Teaching groups at Bolton School are small (normally a maximum of 15 per class, often far fewer) and so it is easy to receive the personal attention which will help you thrive in your subjects. 

Upper Sixth students have the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in a subject of their own choosing. The EPQ is a tremendous way of learning vital research skills and developing personal academic interests.

"One of the major benefits of Bolton School is not only the high standard of teaching, but the staff's willingness to go out of their way to do everything they can to help the students, whether it be by giving extra study sessions, doing further research or even marking a huge essay so they can give it you back the next day.  The small classes give great accessibility to the teachers, meaning we feel comfortable talking to them, about the lessons, part of the syllabus or concerning a personal problem."
Jenni, Year 12

The Curriculum Enrichment Programme

The Curriculum Enrichment Programme has been revised for 2015/16.  CEP takes place once a week. Girls follow either a whole year programme or two half year programmes. The Oxbridge Preparation course runs from Spring to Autumn across Year 12 and 13. The Head of Sixth Form may populate some groups or recommend particular choices for individuals but a significant element of student choice is exercised.   

The courses offered are:

·         Sign Language
·         Critical Thinking (Y12 Only)
·         Maths for Science
·         Communication and Study skills
·         Functional Maths            
·         Oxbridge Preparation
·         Medics (Y13 Only)
·         University survival (Y13 Only)
·         General Studies (Y13 Only)
·         Sport  

The courses have been selected and designed with the aim of enhancing students’ academic and professional skill sets as well as providing for areas that may not otherwise be catered for once a student narrows her subject range at A-level. This is offered in addition to our extensive extra-curricular programme. We offer Maths for Science to those students taking science subjects as well as Psychology and Geography, where the examined mathematics element has been significantly increased in the reformed A-levels, who do not take Maths A-level.  We encourage students not taking any mathematical subject in sixth form to maintain their skills through Functional Maths and those who need support with written and spoken communication and well as research and revision technique to take Communication and Study Skills. Critical Thinking (OCR) and General Studies (AQA) follow the specification but girls need not opt for entry for the examination at the end of the year. University Survival offers advice with choosing and applying for university as well as teaching practical skills such as cooking and shopping on a budget. Sign Language is taught by an external provider and is certificated following an examination at the end of the year.

Sixth Form Girls in Class
Sixth Form Girls in Library