Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Joint Production - Romeo and Juliet

Students from the Girls’ Division and Boys’ Division of Bolton School received rave reviews for their stunning musical interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The original text was been abridged and included a number of choreographed musical pieces in styles ranging from current pop songs to disco classics to folk ballads and house anthems. There was something for everyone to enjoy in this compelling performance.

Read a review of the Joint Production of Romeo and Juliet here.


The Cast
Capulets and Montagues Clash
Benvolio Attempts to Make Peace
Romeo and Benvolio Talk
Juliet Sings
Lady Capulet Performs
Mercutio Encourages Romeo to Attend the Ball
Preparing for the Ball
The Capulet Ball
Lady Capulet Sings Vogue
Romeo and Juliet
Dancers at the Capulet Ball
Juliet Confesses All to the Nurse
Tybalt and Mercutio Fight
Juliet and her Attendants
The Montagues Challenge the Capulets
Juliet Contemplates the Sleeping Potion
Romeo Receives News that Juliet is Dead