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'90s Theme for Leavers' Day

Friday, 19 May 2017

  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Year Group Cheering
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Holes
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Power Rangers
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Baywatch
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Back to the 90s
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Ice Creams
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - 101 Dalmatians
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Girls with Ice Cream
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Harry Potter rounders
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Holes Rounders
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Arts Centre
  • Leavers' Day 2017 - Year Group

The Year 13 girls said a fond farewell to Bolton School with a fun-filled Leavers’ Day of decorations, fancy-dress and shared memories. Leavers’ Day is traditionally the final day before students depart on Leave of Absence to study for their A Level examinations.

The girls enjoyed greeting one another and admiring costumes in the Riley Quad as they arrived at School. Members of the Addams Family rubbed shoulders with the Spice Girls, Ali G, Harry Potter and the Super Mario Brothers. Toys of the ‘90s were also represented by TY Beanie Babies, various versions of Mr Potato Head, Pokemon, and members of staff dressed up as the characters from Guess Who! Nostalgic Disney characters were popular too, with Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tinkerbelle, Aladdin and characters from 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh and Toy Story in School. There were costumes as diverse as the Power Rangers, Postman Pat, Baywatch lifesavers, characters from Holes and even the whale from Free Willy!

The Sixth Formers had also decorated the School’s corridors into a fantastic array of ‘90s-themed areas, taking inspiration from The Addams Family, Titanic, Friends and a host of other TV shows and films.

The Year 13 pupils enjoyed reminiscing over ice cream on the netball courts and a mass game of rounders before heading into the Arts Centre for a special farewell lunch.

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