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Beth Offered US Tennis Scholarship

Year 13 pupil Beth Coton has been offered a Tennis scholarship at the University of Northern Colorado in the US.

Beth chose to study in America because of the opportunities it offers, not just academically but also in sport. She will study psychology at the University. Beth said: “I will be playing tennis at 6am every morning before classes and will also play some evenings and weekends. It is important I balance the two as I have to keep my grades high to continue with the tennis and vice versa.”

Beth decided to study in America after a friend made the move two years ago, also on a tennis scholarship, and highly recommended it. The application process involved a four hour exam and Beth had to send off footage of her playing tennis. She applied to several Universities but after researching those she received offers from, Northern Colorado stood out as they already had two British girls on the team and she felt the team and coach were right for her.

Northern Colorado Women’s Tennis Head Coach, Brenda Vlasak, said: “Beth brings a ton of talent and heavy strokes that will be a force to reckon with. We are looking forward to working with her to help her reach the next level as a tennis player and we know she's someone who will fit right in with our players and our staff.”

Although she will miss home Beth isn’t too worried about making the move. She said: “I really can’t wait to go! The place feels very homely and they treat you as though you are family. I’m also looking forward to the travelling I will be able to do while in America, especially visiting Las Vegas.” In the future she hopes to continue with her tennis, and pursue a career in Sports Media.

Beth is the latest in a number of Bolton School pupils to choose to study in the States. Emma Saunders is currently in the US for swimming, while studying at Alabama University. Like Beth, being in America proved to be an irresistible opportunity for her to study in an environment which would allow her to balance academic work with sport.

In the Boys’ Division, Paul Drinkwater is currently in the US for golf, while studying Economics in Austin, Texas. Swimmer Daniel Sliwinski also studied in the US at the University of Indiana, as did Tom Whittaker and Chas Parry, who had football scholarships at the University of Rio Grande Ohio and Purdue University in Indiana respectively. Krishnan Patel headed to Lassen Community College on the West Coast, also for football and Chris Nott went to the University of Arizona for tennis.

Beth is off to America on a Tennis scholarship

Beth is off to America on a Tennis scholarship