Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Medical Scholars Complete First Term at University

The three Dr Edith Forsyth Scholars, Katie Nightingale, Than Dar and Alliyah Ghanchi have completed their first term studying Medicine at university. The girls, all previously full bursary students at Bolton School, will each receive a total of £15,000 during the five years of their medical studies. The award was initiated by an Old Boy of the School in memory of his late wife Dr Edith Forsyth, who had a free education at Manchester University in the 1950s and went on to become a highly respected Physician on Long Island, USA.

Reflecting on her first term at Leeds University, Katie expressed her gratitude, “With great thanks to the scholarship, I have been able to join many sports teams and purchase a membership which allows me to represent the University Swimming Team. As well as this, I have joined the Medical Society, which I would have really struggled to do without the award. I am so grateful to the Edith Forsyth Scholarship Award as, without it, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in a large part of university life.” Katie added, “I can concentrate more on my studies and upcoming exams without worrying or trying to balance a part-time job.”

Than Dar also highlighted the importance of being able to focus on her studies “The Dr Edith Forsyth Scholarship has certainly helped me to manage the financial aspects of student life and course costs during my challenging but enjoyable first term at Cambridge; I have no doubt that the funding will continue to provide valuable support over the coming years.”

Alliyah explained how the award allowed her to use her free time to do gainful work experience, “Currently, I write for the Medic's Magazine, mentor Year 12 and 13 students in their applications for Medicine and coordinate Teddy Bear Hospital sessions, a scheme that reduces the fear of hospital in young children, through play. Without this funding, life at medical school would be very different.”

Dr Edith Forsyth, the late wife of Old Boy Eric Forsyth

Dr Edith Forsyth, the late wife of Old Boy Eric Forsyth