Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Bolton School's got Artistic Talent

Sixth Form students from the both the Girls' and Boys' Divisions saw their A Level art work exhibited at the University of Bolton, in a showcase exhibition called "Bolton's Got Talent".

The exhibition was held in the Innovation Factory of the School of Arts, Media and Education at the University, and showed off art work done by pupils from ten different Bolton schools. Nine girls and nine boys from Bolton school got the chance to exhibit their work and one of the girls' work, (Kelsey Oldbury, Year 13) was even chosen to be used on the poster publicising the event.

The event was organised by the university as part of its drive to interact more with local schools; it coordinated the event with the help of The Art Network, a partnership that exists between schools and the local authority to further the teaching and learning of Art as a subject. The art on show was of a high quality of work from pupils at Key Stage 3 and upwards, and will run from 29 June - 3 July.

Miss Fazackerly, Head of Art in the Girls' Division, said: "I am really pleased with how the girls' work looks, it is great to see it in a good, well-lit exhibition space. We hope to build on our relations with the university and I will be making use of their large printer which will allow us to print directly onto canvas at A1 and A2 size. Along with the Boys' Division we also hope to tap into the university's expertise in textiles."

Sixth Form Girls Attend Open Night of Bolton's Got Talent

Sixth Form Girls attended the opening night of the exhibition at Bolton University

Boys' Division A Level students also exhibited their work

Boys' Division A Level students also exhibited their work