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Head Girl's Deloitte Gap Year Scholar Scheme Success

Bolton School’s Head Girl Annabel Ault has been selected to take part in this year’s Deloitte Gap Year Scholar Scheme. After going through a tough application process, made up of multiple stages, she has won one of just 30 places nationwide – and one of only three in the Manchester office!

The application process pulls no punches: first there are online tests to complete, including a simulated in-tray and email task; then Annabel travelled to London for the first time to take part in the group assessment at Deloitte’s main office in the capital. After making it through these stages, she was interviewed by one of the company managers at the Manchester office before Christmas. The final stage was an interview with two of Deloitte’s partners in February: a daunting prospect for anyone! However, Annabel approached it calmly: “I wasn’t too worried about the interviews – but when you’re sat across from very important people, it’s a bit nerve-wracking!”

Annabel has always known that she wanted to take time out of education before progressing on to university, and the Deloitte scheme will allow her to do that, while also gaining great experience in a corporate environment. She will also be able to take part in paid work placements with Deloitte each summer throughout her time at university. This will help her with university funds and give her further experience, without having to worry about finding time to work during term-time.

One of the things that particularly appealed to Annabel about this scheme was Deloitte’s understanding that lots of young people want to travel at this stage in their life. Therefore at the end of the scheme, the company offers participants a generous £1500 travel bursary.

“It’s always been a big dream to go, on my own, to the other side of the world,” Annabel said. Therefore the Deloitte Scholar Scheme was the perfect plan for her. She now has plans to travel to Australia and New Zealand in 2015 during the months between the end of her placement and the start of her first term at university.

Annabel is now focusing on the immediate future and starting her placement at the Manchester office just after receiving her A-Level results. She is looking forward to working in a big city, with people who are a lot older and have a wealth of experience for her to draw upon. She will be commuting alongside Nadia Barabash, another Year 13 student from the Girls’ Division who was successful in obtaining a place with Deloitte.

Although they are in the same office, the two will be working in different areas: Nadia in the Audit team, and Annabel in the Corporate Tax team. However, these two girls have been at Bolton School together since Beech House. They have plans to travel through Eastern Europe together in the summer before their Deloitte placement begins, and afterwards will both be going to study at Durham University! Annabel joked, “So we might be fed up of one another by that point!”

This is a fantastic opportunity for both girls, and Annabel is glad to be able to share this amazing experience with her friend.

Annabel Ault is looking forward to joining the staff at Deloitte's Manchester office

Annabel Ault is looking forward to joining the staff at Deloitte's Manchester office