Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Genetics and Cancer Research Insight for Sixth Form

Sixth Form students from both the Girls' Division and the Boys' Division of Bolton School attended a talk aimed at giving them a better understanding of genetics. The talk, given by Professor Ross Sibson from the Cancer Research Centre at Liverpool University formed part of the girls' Gifted and Talented Programme, an ongoing Learning Support programme which aims to enrich the students' learning experience and develop their thinking skills.

Professor Sibson spoke to the Year 12 and also some Year 11 pupils on the principles of genetics - how we can make use of genetic information to help understand our individual risk of developing disease and the possibility of genetics being able to contribute to future diagnosis and treatment. He discussed the factors which may increase the risk of developing certain diseases including Cancer and whether genetic or environmental factors are the dominant cause.

He also spoke to students about developments in genetics and the possibility that we may all be able to have our own genetic information read in as little as three years, along with the ethical, legal and social considerations that this may bring, and he explained concepts of genetic characteristics including how humans and mice have many genetic similarities! The talk tied in with the areas of genetics being studied in the Sixth Form, and students were given the opportunity to have their questions answered at the end.

Professor Sibson said: "The subject of genetics is a huge and varied topic which would be impossible to cover in just one lecture. However if the students take away just one thing from today that sparks their interest in further studying the field I will be happy."


Professor Ross Sibson

Professor Ross Sibson, from the Cancer Research Centre at Liverpool University, spoke to the Sixth Form pupils on the principles of genetics and disease

Professor Ross Sibson