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Girls Meet the Saucy Pies Challenge!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

  • Urban Outreach Christmas Hamper Appeal 2
  • Urban Outreach Christmas Hamper Appeal
  • Urban Outreach Christmas Hamper Appeal 3

Once again, Sixth Form Girls at Bolton School have proved up to the challenge of collecting food items for Urban Outreach’s Christmas Hamper Appeal, which will bring cheer to those townsfolk in most need over the festive period. 

This year, the Year 12 girls were tasked with donating 1300 mince pies and 1300 accompanying cartons of sauce. Splitting into six teams - the Crackers, the Festive Elves, Baubles, The Minceys, The North Stars and Team 2 – and with only 3½ weeks in which to complete the Saucy Pies Challenge, the students had to work hard!  Through much endeavour and perseverance, they were delighted to raise £1567 through sweet and cake sales in school, guess the weight of the chocolate challenge, bag packing at Asda and a Christmas Hamper raffle for staff and guests at Tea at the Riley, a regular event for local retired residents and supervised by Sixth Formers. On top of this, the girls used their charm and powers of persuasion to encourage companies such as the Co-op, Asda, Morrisons as well as friends to donate to the cause.

The Hamper Challenge team was delighted to load up Urban Outreach’s van with the requisite number of packs of mince pies and cartons of Brandy and Rum sauce. Year 7 girls also ended up helping out as the van had to make a second visit to the School in order to fit in all the produce.

Collecting the pies and sauce, Laura Bagley said: “We are, as ever, delighted with Bolton School’s contribution; the girls have done a brilliant job in meeting their target again. We cannot thank them enough.”

“Phew! We did it!” said Campaign Coordinator Mrs Sophie Entwistle. “A huge thank you needs to be given to all those members of the school who helped to support the project and brought in pies and sauce goods – overall over 220 items were donated. In particular a special mention should be given to 7D, 8C, 9B, 10F, 11C, D1 and E1 who really pulled out the stops.”

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