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Hannah is Triple Ju-Jitsu Champion

Year 12 pupil Hannah Furey has returned from the United Nations Ju-Jitsu competition with six medals including three golds, making her a triple UNJJ champion and arguably one of the best all round Ju-Jitsu competitors in the world.

Hannah flew out to Copenhagen at the end of August to represent Great Britain in the event which is the highest level of competition in this sport. Over 10 countries take part and this year there were over 300 competitors from as far away as South Africa and the USA.

Hannah took part in the competition last year and walked away with two gold, one silver and two bronze medals, an achievement which she thought would be difficult to beat! However, she managed it this year with three gold, two silver and one bronze - a total of six medals out of the seven events she entered! The gold medals this year were in different events to last year, demonstrating her ability to compete in all events to a high standard. 

Hannah said: "My trip to Copenhagen was an experience of a lifetime. To be able to say I have travelled to another country representing Great Britain, and managed to win 6 medals, 3 of them being gold, is something no one can ever take away from me. This experience has given me a confidence in my ability and self to allow me to take my Ju-Jitsu to the next level. I put in almost 5 months of none stop effort into these championships, and I feel none of my efforts have been in vain. It's not often you get the chance to represent your country, and the sheer pride I have in myself for doing that to the best of my ability is nothing I can put into words."

Hannah's achievements gave her the second highest medal tally out of all the competitors, and the Great Britain team came out on top, with the four major British teams combined winning 100 medals out of around 140 available. A successful week all round for Hannah who received her GCSE results of 12A*'s the previous Tuesday!

Next year Hannah will fly to New York with the British Team to try to retain her status as a triple United Nations World Champion at Ju-Jitsu.

Hannah Furey

Hannah is a triple United Nations Ju-Jitsu champion

Hannah in action