Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Historical Association’s Great Debate in Bolton

Imogen Hilton, a Year 13 student, has been commended for her eloquent speaking in the Bolton Heat of the Historical Association Great Debate.  Her teacher, Mrs Pritchard, said: "Imogen represented Bolton School Girls' Division with great skill and she argued her case about the importance of the Vietnam Memorial exceptionally well.  She did not win the competition but her assured and intellectual argument meant that she was a good ambassador for the school." 

Adam Woolley represented the Boys' Division with an amusing and intelligent speech about Buckingham Palace. 

The topic of the debate was "Why History Matters to You" and candidates had to choose an event, object or experience and then talk about it for 5 minutes.  The two History students had started preparing their speeches earlier in the Autumn Term.


The Historical Association Great Debate, Bolton Heat

Imogen and Adam, along with other Bolton contestants in the Historical Association Great Debate