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Plato's Secret Code Cracked for Students

Monday, 08 October 2012

Sixth Form students from both the Boys’ and the Girls’ Divisions of Bolton School attended a lecture by Dr Jay Kennedy – the man who ‘cracked the secret code in Plato’.

Dr Kennedy teaches at the University of Manchester and is a celebrated Science Historian, expert in the field of history and philosophy of mathematical physics, and author of bestseller ‘Space, Time and Einstein – An Introduction’. He is famous for his research which led to the huge discovery of a mathematical and musical code in the works of Plato.

Dr Kennedy gave a brief overview of how Mathematics has evolved and also spoke to the students about his findings of the hidden codes in Plato’s works, revealing that Plato’s manuscripts are mathematically ordered according to a 12 note musical scale. He described his findings as “like opening a tomb and discovering new works by Plato.” Plato is revealed to be a Pythagorean who understood the basic structure of the universe to be mathematical, anticipating the scientific revolution of Galileo and Newton by 2000 years.

At the end of the talk, pupils had the opportunity to have their questions answered.

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Dr Jay Kennedy at Bolton School

Dr Kennedy spoke to the students about his findings of the hidden codes in Plato’s works

Dr Jay Kennedy at Bolton School