Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

School Adopts Teacher’s Physics Textbook

Physics teacher Mrs Sue Holt was surprised and delighted to find out that the Physics Department has decided to use her recently published textbook as the Girls’ Division A-Level Physics textbook.

‘Advanced Physics For You, 2nd edition’ covers the new AS/A2-level Physics specifications for all the exam boards. Mr Ball chose the textbook because of its high quality, and for the fact that it is an excellent match for the new OCR A specification the Girls’ Division is following.

The whole department and the Year 12 students kept the secret until the end of the second week of term, when Girls’ Division Head of Physics Mr Ray Ball unveiled the new textbooks to Mrs Holt in the Physics lab. The Year 12 Physics students attended the launch of the new textbook, and prompted a special book-signing by the author!

“I am delighted that Mr Ball made the decision to use ‘Advanced Physics For You’ as the new school textbook for Physics,” Mrs Holt said. “The design is the brain-child of Keith Johnson who believes passionately that Physics should be made as accessible as possible for all students and that it should be presented as a fun subject. I was first recruited to work with him 15 years ago on the first edition and soon became convinced that his principles are sound. I have taken a greater role in this second edition and, after 18 months hard work, I am very proud of the book. I believe that it will support the progress of our Bolton School Girls’ Division students and I hope that they will enjoy using it.

“I was absolutely stunned when I arrived at our physics clinic on Friday to find I was attending a book signing! All my colleagues and the students had kept the secret so well. Thank you to all staff and students for their support and encouragement. As Einstein said: Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.”

Fifteen girls are studying AS-Level Physics this year, and will make use of Mrs Holt’s book ‘Advanced Physics For You’.

Mrs Holt with some Physics student at the textbook signing

Mrs Holt with some Physics student at the textbook signing