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School Replaces Former Parent’s Lost Box

Thursday, 30 March 2017

  • Hexagonal Box Presentation
  • Hexagonal Box

Cyril Shaw’s daughter attended the Girls’ Division in the 1970s and 1980s, and during that time she enjoyed making a hexagonal wooden box. He treasured this box for many years, but when it was misplaced recently he wrote to the School to ask if any of the current pupils could make a replacement.

Miss Langley, the Head of Resistant Materials and Product Design in the Girls’ Division, said, “I was touched by Mr Shaw's request and spoke to Miss Hincks to ask if I could present the task of recreating a lidless hexagonal wooden box to one of our students and she agreed. I told Jennie Maher in Year 12 about the plight of Mr Shaw and she quickly said she would be delighted to help out and make a new box.”

Jennie took Resistant Materials at GCSE but didn’t continue with A Level. She really enjoyed the opportunity to return to the subject this year by taking on the project for Mr Shaw.

When she had completed the new hexagonal box, Jennie invited to Mr Shaw to Tea at the Riley, the monthly community tea party run by Sixth Form girls, to present him with his replacement.

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