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Sixth Form Community Awards

Bolton School held an awards evening to honour Sixth Form students who have undertaken work in the local community. 

Students received bronze, silver and gold certificates for 20, 50 or 100 hours worth of work in the community and one girl had even done over 1,000 hours!  The event was held in the Arts Centre and was attended by students and their parents. The guest of honour was Jerry Glover, who, until very recently, was the CEO of Bolton Lads' and Girls' Club, a post he held for 31 years! Mr Jerry Glover handed out the certificates to the students and in an entertaining speech he praised them for their hard work and commitment. 

Over the past year, Sixth Formers have been involved in the local community in so many ways and it is now compulsory that each student undertakes a minimum of 20 hours service.  Some have helped out at the Bolton Hospice or in schools or at the Lads' and Girls' Club.  One group of students became involved with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and their Trailblazers video, promoting environmental issues, was played on the night.

A number of Sixth Formers gave presentations on the night about the work they have been doing.  Pranjal Arya talked about how much he has enjoyed his work with the children at Starting Point, a centre that offers an introduction to the English education system and British way of life for the children of refugees, asylum seekers and people coming to Britain from anywhere in the world. He describes it as a very special place. He said: "It was a fantastic opportunity give back and help out in the local community. It also allowed me to better understand people and to escape the 'bubble' in which I live. Besides helping build my CV, it was also a lot of fun."

Thorrun Govind, who received a gold award for her 100+ hours of community work, gave a talk about her work at Bolton FM.  Fulfilling a lifelong dream, she ended up, through sheer hard work and determination, having her own programme on the local radio station. Thorrun has been busy in the community in many other ways; she even hosted last year's Bolton Mela.

Head of Community Action and Assistant Head of Sixth Form Heather Tunstall said: "We believe that volunteering offers our students unique opportunities, and is an important part of a well-rounded education. By making contributions to the communities in which they live and study, they develop tangible skills and a broader understanding of real issues."

In order to establish more links with external groups to increase participation even further, Bolton School is holding a Volunteering Fair on Thursday 9 September at 2.00pm in the Arts Centre.

Anyone interested in attending the fair and working with the School and its Sixth Form volunteer students should contact Heather Tunstall on 01204 840201 or email


Sixth Form Community Awards

Mr Jerry Glover handed out the certificates to the students for their Community work

Sixth Form Community Awards

The Starting Point School project involved working with children who are new to the UK

Sixth Form Community Awards