Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Students Celebrate Oxbridge Offers

Seven girls and five boys at Bolton School have been celebrating offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge starting in the Autumn of this year. 

Talking about the interview process, most girls had at least two interviews that could last from 10 minutes to one and a half hours each, depending on the academic that they saw.  One girl had to hold her nerve as her interviewer wore pink trousers and a furry coat.  Emily Varley who has an offer to study Geography at Cambridge said: "It was quite stressful but we had been well prepared at Bolton School beforehand. The interviews tended to focus on our academic subjects and did not ask me too much about my extra-curricular activities. If I get my grades I will be very excited as I would love to go."  Potentially joining her at Cambridge could be Eleanor Tyler who has received an offer to study Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Imogen Hilton who has received an offer to study History and Kate Fowler who has received an offer to study Classics.  Heading for Oxford are Helen Potts with an offer in Biomedical Sciences, Hannah Ross to read French and Anna Warren who has received an offer to study Experimental Psychology.

School Captain in the Boys' Division, Nicholas Fairclough has received an offer to study History at Oxford and said: "I found the interview process surprisingly friendly and it was a real pleasure to talk about my favourite subject with a world-renowned expert in this field. I know several students who went to Oxford from Bolton School last year so it will be good to catch up with them."  Assuming they achieve their grades, he will be joined by Sam Burthem who will also read History and Alex Walmsley who will study French and Russian.  Neel Jain (Medicine) and Connor Rogers (Natural Sciences) have both received offers from Cambridge.

Headmistress of the Girls' Division, Miss Sue Hincks, said that she was delighted by the girls' success and knew that they all had the potential to do very well as they moved into Higher Education. 'What's more', she said, 'I'll very much look forward to seeing them when I attend the reunion dinners which we hold annually in both Oxford and Cambridge and which are very popular with the students we send there every year.'

Oxbridge students

Seven girls and five boys have been given offers to study at Cambridge and Oxford this year