Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Sixth Form Students to Enjoy KPMG Internships

Sixth Form students at Bolton School will, once again, enjoy paid summer internships at KPMG, one of the “big four” accounting firms.  In what is a unique, tailored programme for a Year 12 girl and boy from the School, students will spend a month of their summer holiday working  at KPMG’s Manchester office. They will spend two weeks in the Corporate Finance team and two weeks in the Financial Services Audit department. 

The scheme was launched by Katie Clinton, a Director in the Financial Services Audit team who leads KPMG’s relationship with Bolton School.  Katie, who left the School herself in 1997, told the students: “We are delighted to run this programme for the third year in succession. It offers a fantastic opportunity for you to gain real-life work experience with a global professional services firm. You will work within teams and will be in a truly multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary work environment. The placement offers a real opportunity for you to broaden your skill-set and to gain a better understanding of the commercial world. It will offer genuine differentiation to your CV when you apply for university and future jobs. There will be a written test and then you will be put through our assessment and interview procedures – we will not go lightly on you!  Even if you do not get the internship, the process will provide you with an invaluable experience and we will give you detailed feedback on your application.”

Whilst the highly sought after opportunity means stiff competition among Sixth Formers, two Year 13 students, Codie Owen and Will Brazel, who undertook the internship last summer, were on hand to reassure the pupils that it is worth the effort.  Codie told fellow Sixth Formers: “This was a great experience and I would really, really recommend you apply. Every day was different and I was genuinely involved in the work. The whole experience helps to build self-esteem and will get you into the routine of work, catching commuter trains and working in a city centre.”

Katie added: “The internship scheme is our flagship programme with the School but we do offer our expertise in a number of other ways, including interview preparation and support, taking part in the Sixth Formers’ Business and Enterprise Skills Training (BEST) course, sponsoring the School’s Enterprise Trophy Challenge and attending the School’s biennial Careers Fair. This Summer Internship is exclusive to Bolton School students; we do not run this particular scheme with any other school. I am personally delighted to lead on this work. From KPMG’s perspective, it allows us to work with, and identify, potential star performers who may then subsequently apply for our school leavers’ or graduate training schemes; it also raises the firm’s profile amongst a talented group of students. Personally I attribute a significant part of my success to my Bolton School education and the superb foundation it provided. It is the reason why I am so keen to come back and work with the School. There are many other Bolton School alumni working for KPMG in Manchester and they also harbour incredibly fond memories of the place.”

Katie Clinton, KPMG

Katie Clinton (centre) is flanked by last year's two internees Codie and Will and current applicants

Katie Clinton, KPMG

Katie launches the internship scheme to an audience of Sixth Formers