Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Sixth Formers Pinpoint KPMG Enterprise Trophy

In a competition which saw more than 230 Year 12 girls and boys from Bolton School split into 29 mixed groups, six very entrepreneurial teams made it through to the final of the KPMG Enterprise Trophy. 

The judging panel of Financial Services’ Audit Assistants from KPMG, Tom Brennan and Alesha Meredith, along with Phil Warriner of BT and Stephanie Foster, Director and career coach at Rivington Associates and a former Bolton School parent, were very impressed with the original business propositions of each team as well as their professional presentations.  The small teams performed in front of peers, teachers, parents and, of course, the Dragons’ Den style judging panel. 

Each business team sought funding from the panel and pitched their original concept in a short presentation which explained their offer and included marketing plans, pricing, staffing costs, distribution channels, manufacturing processes and projected accounts for the first few years of their business. 

The competition followed on from the Boys’ and Girls’ Division undertaking the Business Enterprise and Skills Training (BEST) course, which the girls completed in School and the boys at Patterdale Hall in the Lake District and also through a recent Business Competition Day.  

First up to present was Property Investment whose concept was to persuade groups of people or small businesses to invest their money in property rather than in bank accounts, where returns could potentially be much higher. They were followed by Electro-Cycle whose product was a battery which is charged up as you pedal your bike and which can then power an 80-400 watt motor or a mobile phone. Third to present was team PowerShare whose idea was for a piece of kit that allows you to transfer power from one electronic device to another, for example from a mobile phone to a tablet. Next up were Pinpoint whose original proposition was manageable microchips which can be stuck on everyday products such as phones and keys which can then be tracked via GPS if they are lost. The Contactless Key Company explained how their key fob, which can be kept in a pocket or bag, would automatically open a door once it is within a metre. The device would also allow you to lock your door remotely if you have forgotten to do so. Last business to pitch was Vinceret who promised “to conquer your allergies” through a dispenser which sprays anti-allergy medicines into the atmosphere eliminating the need for tablets. 

After a short break for the panel to collect their thoughts, Tom Brennan, speaking on behalf of all the judges, said: “Thank you for having us, it has been a really interesting afternoon.  We have been thoroughly impressed by the innovation you have shown in producing these products; I would certainly buy at least a couple of them if they were on the market!” Stephanie Foster agreed, saying: “I always really enjoy this afternoon and this year you have shown us that the entrepreneurial spirit is well and truly alive in Bolton School. There have been some really innovative concepts, backed up by research and hard work that have informed some excellent presentations.  Along the way, you have all taken on board our feedback on explaining your finances and on presenting.”  Tom continued: “You have shown real passion for your products and each campaign has been very strong. Although it has been a difficult decision, this year’s winners are Pinpoint and the runners-up are PowerShare”

The evening concluded with a big thank you to KPMG for generously sponsoring the event as well as providing training support in the Autumn term, and for helping to judge and award the prizes.

Pinpoint celebrate their win

Bayley Brigg, Lucy Manley, Aaminah Ougradar, Aaisha Patel, Adam Raji and Zoe Stirzaker from team Pinpoint celebrate their win with KPMG staff; Darien Patel and Robert Valentine were not present on the evening

Vinceret gave a strong presentation

Vinceret gave a strong presentation

Runners-up were PowerShare

Runners-up PowerShare answer questions from the judges