Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Students Enjoy Insights into Nuclear Energy

Sixth Form students enjoyed the latest in a series of Science-based lectures when Dr John Roberts, School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Manchester, visited Bolton School.

Dr Roberts’s presentation, entitled “Nuclear Energy – The Facts behind the Fuss” attracted an audience of Physics students from Years 11 to 13.

The insightful lecture encompassed much in the 40 minute presentation. It began with an explanation of how 86% of the world’s electricity is generated by turbines, which turn water into steam, which in turn drives the turbine and produces electricity. The talk then explained how uranium works as the fuel for a nuclear fusion reactor. Consideration was also given to how Hahn and Strassman first produced nuclear fission in 1938.

Mrs Pealing who has organised the Café Scientifique lecture series, said: “These lectures are a brilliant way for girls to hear first-hand from those at the cutting edge of research and teaching and to learn how theory is transformed into practice.”

Sixth Form Students with Doctor John W. Roberts

Sixth Form students with Doctor John Roberts