Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Students Help Create Change at Westminster

Sixth Form pupils Yasmin Ahmed, Olivia Davidson and Adam Woolley were invited by the Bolton Lads and Girls club to take part in Rolling Globe - a national campaign run by Oxfam, aimed at raising young people's awareness of international issues.

The three students attended a series of youth led workshops and discussions with local MPs in Westminster, with the aim of creating more positive change.

Following their individual success at making a real difference in the community, Olivia, Yasmin and Adam used the skills they learnt in last year's National Citizen Service with Oxfam to run a session for young people on how to campaign. Throughout the day many workshops took place, including a similar activity to 'Dragons Den' with politicians pitching their ideas to the group on how young people can help change the world, and the group then deciding which was best. Along with this, Adam, Olivia and Yasmin had the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament and learn about other projects that have been happening to help change international issues. Overall they were particularly interested in the session they attended on HIV and AIDS, and gained valuable experience in talking to MP's about issues of the day.

The students join the Rolling Globe Campaign

The students join the Rolling Globe Campaign