Bolton School Sixth Form Girls

Students Join Future Stars Programme

Two Sixth Form pupils joined local accountants and business advisors Cowgill Holloway over the half-term break on the Future Stars Programme. This new initiative, which was announced in September, is designed to give students in the Sixth Form an in-depth insight into the world of business and finance through a series of placements.

These will last four weeks in total, spread over the school year. Successful applicants join staff at Cowgill Holloway to experience specific areas of the business, experiencing audit, tax, business recovery, wealth management, corporate finance, and support services. In each department, a wide range of tasks will be open to them, allowing them to attend meetings, complete project work and shadow senior managers.

Mehranguiz Mokri and Nat Roohan, who are both in Year 12, were the two successful applicants this year following the interview stage.

Reflecting on his placement so far, Nat said: “During the second week of the October half term, I went to Cowgill Holloway Accountancy firm as part of their Future Stars Programme and worked in the auditing department. For the first two days of the placement I was onsite at Forshaw’s Demolition where I shadowed Uwais, an accountant at Cowgills. He set me up on tasks in which I would test samples for the bank statements and fixed assets. I watched him do some more advanced tests and he explained everything he was doing to me. I also spent a couple of days in the office, where I learnt the importance of a good brew. There was a very good atmosphere in the office and always someone to help me if I had any questions. On my last day, I went out of the office again to Manchester Community Transport where again I was impressed by how much they were able to get me involved. Overall it was a very useful and enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to the remaining three weeks of my placement which will take place during the Easter and summer holidays.”

Mehranguiz has also found the experience beneficial and said: “The Cowgill Holloway placement experience has been enriching in many ways. The exposure to the working environment as well as the wealth management field has taught me a lot and given me experience that will help me for years to come. The varied structure of the days helped to maintain a high level of interest, and every day brought something new.”

Both students are now looking forward to re-joining Cowgill Holloway at Easter to continue their placements.

Nat and Mehranguiz have enjoyed their experience with Cowgill Holloway so far

Nat and Mehranguiz have enjoyed their experience with Cowgill Holloway so far