"When I return to Bolton School to talk to pupils about entrepreneurship, my message is to 'go for it'. This is an attitude that I had instilled in me during my time at the school where my curiosity was fuelled and I became interested in ideas."

Caroline Plumb - CEO of Fresh Minds and youngest woman on Management Today's '35 under 35' list

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Thorrun Warns of Driving Dangers in ITV Film

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Former Girls' Division pupil Thorrun Govind is helping to tackle the problem of dangerous drivers by producing a mini-documentary with the support of ITV.

Thorrun's documentary Drive Smart, Drive Safe is now complete and will be distributed to driving test centres and schools. The film, produced with the help of the ITV Fixers programme, aims to show teenagers the consequences of reckless driving.

Thorrun said: "Learning to drive is hard enough, but once you've passed I can't understand why you would want to wreck the opportunity by driving recklessly. Statistics show that around 16 percent more drivers aged 16-19 are killed now compared with 15 years ago. Drivers are also at the highest risk of having an accident within the first two years of passing their test and what is even more horrific is that one in five newly qualified drivers has a crash of some description within a year. I have encountered some harrowing stories in making this documentary and hope it will, in any small way make a difference."


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Thorrun has produced a mini documentary to help tackle dangerous driving

Thorrun has produced a mini documentary to help tackle dangerous driving