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Young Entrepreneurs Excel on Business Challenge Day

Monday, 21 November 2016

  • Y12 Business Challenge Day 2016 girls
  • Y12 Business Challenge Day 2016 presentation
  • Y12 Business Challenge Day 2016 boys
  • Y12 Business Challenge Day 2016

Year 12 pupils in the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions formed mixed teams and came up with entrepreneurial ideas for the annual Business Challenge Day organised by the Careers Department.

Each group was asked to come up with an innovative idea and construct a business plan, complete with financial information including projected profits. The pupils created names and logos for a diverse range of businesses and allocated roles within their team to pull together all the information they needed. They researched the cost of staff, premises, equipment, storage space, transport, web design and everything else they would need to make their business a success. In addition, they had to consider what percentage of their start-up costs to request from the judges, and how they would provide the rest: for example, though grants or their own savings.

The teams presented their business information alongside a written business plan in front of one of several judging panels.

All of the panels were impressed by the quality of the Sixth Formers’ work over the course of the day, and with the creativity of the business ideas they had come up with.

The four winning business ideas were: MatchmyMeal, a takeaway comparison app; Tranquillow, a pillow containing sensors to aid sleep; EdYOUcateME, a business allowing University students to tutor high school students; and KoKo, and clothing app which scans existing outfits and recommends complimentary items.

These four teams will go head-to-head in a final in December, where they will once again pitch a refined version of their business idea in the style of Dragon’s Den in front of a judging panel.

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