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Bolton School Nursery


Welcome to the web pages of Bolton School Nursery! 

I would like to introduce myself as Jasmin Sanders, the newly appointed Head of Nursery. I have been given a very warm welcome from all the staff, children and parents and I am very much enjoying being a part of this outstanding community. Already I have seen how there is a passion here to develop children’s natural creativity and curiosity and that this is done through encouragement, love and care. From birth through to pre-school, girls and boys enjoy lots of individual attention and explore, learn and grow in a wonderful, caring and safe environment. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone here at the Nursery, please feel free to come along and meet me at any time or email me at jjsanders@boltonschool.org 


Mrs Jasmin Sanders
Head of the Nursery

We are all very proud of our nursery and our children are wonderful and so we thought you might like to hear what they love about Bolton School Nursery.

“I have lots of friends in my nursery."

I love the bikes, they go zoom!

I planted a pumpkin and it’s enormous.

I remember when I sat in a fire engine and it went nee-naw.

I like looking at our furry hamsters.

I like storytime.

I counted lots of conkers.

Please come along and see what makes Bolton School Nursery so special.


Registration numbers
ISC- Independent School Council - 1141
DFE - Department for Education - 350/615
EY - Early Years - 315995


  1. RT @ARTBSBD: Ted working on a pencil drawing for his personal 365 Club work. https://t.co/FN2HfbTkOW about 3 hours ago
  2. RT @BoltonSchool: Children at @BS_Nursery enjoyed a delicious party tea to celebrate Eid yesterday afternoon! Click the link for more photos: https://t.co/3aY82iuv34 @GoodSchoolsUK @GSAUK @GoodNews_Schls https://t.co/vKudFHnEGs 19 days ago
  3. RT @BoltonSchool: This afternoon, children at the Nursery of @BoltonSchool were excited to learn all about the work of a Police Support Community Officer @BS_Nursery @GSAUK @GoodSchoolsUK https://t.co/dPzDCgtr9T 22 days ago

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Virtual Tour

Virtual campus

Pupils at Bolton School benefit from outstanding teachers, an industrious learning environment and excellent facilities.

You can view a virtual tour of our Nursery or you can take the full Bolton School virtual tour.

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