When I first visited Bolton School, only a few months after immigrating to the UK from Pakistan, I was captivated by the atmosphere I saw but felt that studying there was somehow out of my reach. Looking back, I am extremely grateful that this feeling turned out to be misplaced – I settled into the rhythm of school life very quickly and was able to take advantage of the truly excellent opportunities it provides.

Bilal, Y13, Boys’ Division

Reluctantly, I wait for the holidays to come – I love coming to school. I am still doing cross country and because I am so good at running, I was chosen for the cross country team to run at Moss Bank Park. The reason why I started cross country was because Jessica Ennis inspired me. When I first came to Hesketh House I was like a new born lamb but now I have transformed into a dancing butterfly who is really confident.

Y3 pupil, Primary Division Junior Girls’ School

There is such a relaxed atmosphere in school, especially in the Sixth Form - all the teachers put in all their efforts to help get you through your exams, make the right university and career choices, and for you to reach your full potential.

April, Y12, Girls’ Division

I love the peaceful, calm learning environment where I can achieve to the best of my ability and develop as a person.

Charlotte, Y10, Girls’ Division

I was invited by a member of staff at Bolton School Girls Juniors to fulfil a role teaching after School Dance Club and have now been there 7 years. I was able first-hand to experience Bolton School and all that it offers its pupils, and it became first choice for my own children. The transition from local Primary School to Bolton Senior Boys School couldn’t have gone better. The balance of education, sporting and extra-curricular activities is proving ideal for my eldest son Hugo in Year 8, and he is thriving in all aspects of School life.

Miss Laura James, Boys’ Division Parent

Excellent nursery. We did not hesitate to send our second child and will soon be sending our third. The progress that our son has made since starting in November is incredible. He has settled well with staff and his peers and looks forward to going.

Primary Division Nursery Parent

In the Summer of 2018, my son Oscar was very lucky to be offered a bursary at Bolton School. We had worked hard for this chance – and we are grateful every day for the opportunity that attending Bolton has already given Oscar - and he's only just started Year 7! As his lone parent, I am hugely relieved to see how Oscar has felt totally embraced by the School, and noted how the school go out of their way daily to ensure that all children have the same opportunities, regardless of their financial background. I tell him EVERY day of the great opportunities that going to Bolton School offers him for his future, and will ensure he maximises that! One of the main reasons that Bolton School appealed to me as a parent was that if focuses on more than just academic qualifications. I wanted Oscar to be developed as an individual ready to face a tough world in a balanced way, which means a lot more than just qualifications nowadays.

Miss Ruth Robson, Boys’ Division Parent

From his first day at Beech House to his last day at Bolton School - 17 years and 9 months - in one establishment to study. Bolton School, you have done me proud and given me back a well mannered and structured child and from today he will follow his dreams and make his own future with everything the school taught him. From music festivals, to Christmas fayres, to parents events to information evenings, #BoltonSchool has played a massive role in our lives. Massive thanks to each and every teacher who has played a part in Sahil's years at the school, especially Mr Britton who looks out for every child in the school. I'm not sure who's most sad, me or Sahil!

Sital Raja-Arjan, Parent

More Testimonials

Bolton School’s generous bursary has enabled me to continue my studies here in the Sixth Form. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities to engage in Community Action within the school and with Bolton-based organisations. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to study at this supportive school and am eager to give back to my community.  The small class sizes have been beneficial in maximising the support from my teachers and increasing my passion for my subjects. I’ve been able to help with running clubs for younger pupils and have been a peer mentor for a year. The arts and science evening lectures which I regularly attend have broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to gain an insight into a variety of subjects which I would not have thought to explore.  The friendly atmosphere of Bolton School has enabled my academic and social progression. I have had the room to grow and develop crucial skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork throughout my time here. As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life. Without the financial aid from the school, this would not have been possible for me and many others in similar positions. I am very grateful for the experiences I have had as a Bolton School pupil.

Bursary Recipient, Y13, Girls’ Division

My time at Hesketh House, Bolton School Junior Girls' School, was wonderful and fantastic. I instantly experienced the caring atmosphere which enabled me to thrive and maximise my full potential. The head teacher, teachers and pupils are all part of one big family all willing each other to do well. There was never a dull day at Hesketh House. In our structured classroom environment we always enjoyed the distinctive and special educational experience as we always learnt new skills and performed new tasks. There were lots of opportunities to enhance outdoor learning and extra-curricular activities. One such occasion was in Year 3 when I joined the Chess Club. Before then I had never played chess but after playing in the school club I developed a passion for the game. I quickly moved forward from chess novice to England International. Hesketh House is a place where we were taught a sense of responsibility which would help us all the way through our lives. I took on the responsibility of being a Prefect in Year 6 and it improved my confidence and self-esteem. The excellent standard of teaching at Hesketh House gave me a chance to enhance my academic skills. An academic competition in year 5 which we entered was the Bolton Primary Maths Team Challenge and our team was crowned as overall champions. We were always encouraged to think creatively and to have different perspectives on the world around us. Recently I won the Mensa Child Genius Competition 2014 and I believe that it was possible because of the academic skills and the skills to perform in front of an audience and to keep calm under pressure that I acquired at Hesketh House. An example of this was in Year 6 when we were taught for the English Speaking Board how to remember information while presenting to an audience. I am grateful to all my teachers for all the opportunities they offered me. I love Hesketh House as it is a happy and purposeful place to learn and I felt valued and it has made me the person I am today. It definitely was a great place to be.

Sharon Daniel, Girls’ Division, reflecting on her time in the Girls’ Junior School

We were nervous about moving our daughter whilst in Year 6 but, given her primary school class numbers had risen to 34 pupils, we felt we needed to do so. We need not have worried. She breezed into the house at the end of day one telling us the teacher was wonderful, the girls were lovely and the food was amazing! She has loved all the opportunities the school has provided and it has been wonderful that her teachers have recognised her special interests - her acting, her love of the theatre and her fascination with Greek Mythology. More importantly, she has been encouraged to push herself in new things. We know Bolton is a sporty school and we were a little worried that this might be a problem. Her old school did not do any team sports apart from football for boys. She had never even played netball let alone lacrosse. She was worried that she'd never be good enough to even join in. We need not have worried. I can't thank the PE staff enough for including her. She's far from a natural sportswoman, but on her first ever netball lesson she was encouraged and given player of the match for her effort. Since then she's loved lacrosse, even though she knew she didn't have a hope of making the team she says she's determined to do it one day, and even plays football at lunchtime.  The final thing I wanted to mention was the camaraderie of the girls. They have all been lovely. She was included into birthday treats only a few weeks into term and I have noticed how incredibly supportive all the girls are of each other. My daughter started to come home on the coach recently. She was a little nervous as she's the only junior school pupil on her coach. Her classmates walked her to the buses on the first afternoon. Once she was on the bus, they called her from their phones as they travelled home to check she was ok and to make sure she wasn't lonely. How lovely!  We are so glad we found you and wanted to thank you for letting our daughter join you. She is so happy and has grown in both confidence and ambition. It's a delight to see her blossom. We wish we'd found you years ago.

Primary Division Junior Girls’ School Parent

The extra-curricular offering at Bolton School is immense. My son spends his spare time playing bass guitar in the Senior Concert Band, helps with Russian Club, indulges in bell-ringing, dabbles in broadcast TV, and is building a rocket to enter a national competition. And that is just this term. He will never stop talking about his school trip to Russia. Camping at Saundersfoot and outdoor pursuits up at Patterdale are character-forming. Regular trips to the theatre and participation in the performing arts are a given, even for those boys not studying drama or English at A level. Throughout their time at Bolton School they are encouraged to volunteer, to lead, to perform, to try new things, to move outside their comfort zone and they emerge as fine, rounded, honourable young adults equipped to thrive and succeed wherever life takes them. Engaging parents in school life is a key theme at Bolton School. The Teenage Journey Series invites a wide range of speakers into school to guide parents through the challenges of the teenage years. Mental health, resilience, life skills, drugs and alcohol, health and wellbeing, parenting, social media, pornography, sexting, consent; all these difficult issues are faced head-on and parents are hugely grateful for all the support and advice that Bolton School provides. The Parents’ Associations are thriving and through many varied activities bring parents together, often with staff, to help build a whole-school community for the benefit of all.

Helen Critchlow, Boys’ Division Parent