Boys' Division

Our Boys' Senior and Junior Schools were inspected in February 2024, the first inspection undertaken at the Foundation since the introduction in September 2023 of the ISI's new inspection framework.

In their report, the inspectors assessed both schools as having met all five of the standards upon which they were judged, and identified their programmes of extra-curricular and outdoor learning activities as being a 'significant strength', a plaudit which places us in a highly select group of schools nationally to have achieved such a commendation.

The new framework replaces the inspectorate's previous methodology, of providing a one-word judgement of a school, with an evaluation of how successfully a school meets five specific standards, relating to leadership, management and governance; the quality of education, training and recreation; pupils' physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing; pupils' social and economic education and their contribution to society; and safeguarding. The new framework also now allows for a school to be designated as having a 'significant strength', to recognise those schools deemed to be demonstrating significant excellence within those five standards, in comparison with other schools nationally.

Key findings from the inspectors' report were that:

  • The schools' academic curricula and extra-curricular programmes instil a culture of high expectations, mutual support, inclusivity and tolerance within the school community;
  • The schools offer an extensive programme of extra-curricular and outdoor learning activities in which pupils of all ages participate enthusiastically and gain new interests and skills;
  • Pupils of all ages make good academic progress, develop creative and critical thinking skills and demonstrate determination and self-discipline;
  • Pupils' behaviour and attitudes to learning are respectful, focused and constructive, and there is a tangible culture of mutual support;
  • All school premises and accommodation are suitably maintained, well-resourced and secure; and
  • There are effective arrangements for safeguarding which promote the safety and welfare of pupils.

Boys' Division ISI Inspection Report (February 2024) | PDF | 286 KB

Boys' Division Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (February 2019) | PDF | 229KB

Boys' Division Focussed Compliance Inspection Report (December 2019) | PDF | 129KB

Girls' Division

Our Girls' Senior and Juniors Schools had a Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection in April 2023, receiving the highest judgement of ‘excellent’ in each category as well as meeting all of the Inspectorate’s required regulatory standards. 

Key findings from the inspectors’ report were that:

  • Pupils attain at exceptionally high levels in public examinations and achieve consistently high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding at all ages;
  • Pupils are highly articulate and demonstrate excellent communication skills;
  • Pupils are highly motivated and have outstanding attitudes to learning;
  • Pupils achieve exceptionally high levels of success in diverse extra-curricular activities;
  • Throughout the two schools, pupils demonstrate notably high levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-discipline;
  • Pupils are empathetic, respectful and tolerant; they value and celebrate the school’s rich diversity;
  • Pupils’ social development is excellent; they collaborate extremely well to achieve common goals; and that
  • Pupils have an exceedingly strong sense of community, showing a deep commitment to service and contributing positively to the lives of others within school and beyond.

Girls' Division ISI Inspection Report (April 2023) | PDF | 188KB

Girls' Division Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (February 2019) | PDF | 261KB

Girls' Division Regulatory Integrated Inspection Report (February 2016) | PDF | 187KB

Primary Division

Our Nursery and Infant School were last inspected in 2016 when they were part of our Girls' Division. They were given the very best rating in all areas. You can read about them in this inspection report:

ISI Inspection Report (Feb 2016) | PDF | 250KB

As part of a recent restructuring of the Bolton School Foundation and in order to be compliant with legislation, our Nursery and Infant School received a one-off inspection from Ofsted:

Ofsted Inspection Report (Oct 2023) | PDF | 161KB

The next Inspection of our Nursery and Infant School will be under the ISI framework.

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