There are 16-20 Governors of Bolton School at any time who have three main functions; the governance of the school plus their roles as both directors of a company limited by guarantee and as trustees of a charity. The role is substantial and carries many responsibilities. Governors are volunteers and give their time and expertise freely. The Governing Body oversees all of the Bolton School Foundation.

Appointment to the Governing Body is overseen by the Governance and Nominations Committee. This group normally seeks applications for future governors by advertising amongst the current and past school community. Each appointment is aimed at a specific set of skills that the Governing Body needs and consideration is also given to diversity. A shortlist of prospective Governors is then interviewed, before a preferred candidate is proposed to the Governing Body for approval. The membership of the Governing body aims to balance experience of governance at Bolton School with new and relevant skills and input.

Alongside the Chair of the Governing Body, there are Vice-Chairs for each of the Boys’, Girls’ and Primary Divisions and an Executive Governor. Each Governor serves on one or more sub-committees to give scrutiny to the various functions of the Foundation.